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Bentonite Manufacturer
Company History / Manufacturing Facility

 Bentonite Producer

ASHAPURA has access to around 4 million metric tonnes of bentonite in the Kutch district of Gujarat in Western India. The deposits have a rich content of around 90%, natural Sodium Bentonite. Moreover, the bright sunshine available throughout the year makes it an ideal place for drying cat litter at atmospheric temperature.

This also means that no cancerous products are created as has been observed with some products that are dried at high temperatures.

ASHAPURA OVERSEAS Pvt ltd, a division of the ASHAPURA GROUP is India's largest producer and exporter of Bentonite. State-of-the-art facilities ensure that quality is a way of life at Ashapura. To overcome delays in shipping, Ashapura manages the ports of Mandvi and Mundra. During those times when there is a heavy load, near proximity to the third port of Kandla makes sure products are shipped in a timely manner.

The ASHAPURA GROUP takes pride in its modern facilities, excellent staff, working conditions, and training programs.

ASHAPURA GROUP operates under one umbrella the mining, processing, and exporting of Bentonite minerals. In 1970, ASHAPURA presented Sodium Bentonite to the World market from the Kutch region of the Western India. The ease and versatile application of KUTCH Bentonite and the facilities offered by ASHAPURA account for its ready acceptance and success. For more information, please log in www.ashapura.com. We also provide value added Bentonite products called Acid-Activated Bleaching Earths in a 50-50 joint venture with an American Company. This new venture is called ASHAPURA PERFOCLAY LIMITED , and is set up in the Kutch District of Gujarat. For more information visit : www.aplgalleon.com.

Our Chairman, Mr. N.R. Shah, receives an award for outstanding export performance :: Laboratory Facility, Mining Facility, Processing Facility.