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ndustrial Minerals
Company History / Group Companies

Ashapura Group is a pioneer in the development of industrial minerals in India.

It is the world’s sixth largest producer of Bentonite and the largest exporter of Bentonite and metallurgical grade Bauxite from India and has nearly 3500 acres of Bentonite mines and 5500 acres of Bauxite mines under its control.

Ashapura Minechem Ltd

Bentonite Exporter
The flagship company of the group that exports processed Bentonite and Bauxite. Years of valuable experience and extensive research has helped Ashapura master the art of making Bentonite suitable for numerous applications. It has activation, milling and processing plants at 6 different locations in India.

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Acid Activated Bleaching Earth

This is a joint venture company that has been established by Ashapura Minechem Ltd with AMCOL Int. Corp. of USA for manufacturing Acid Activated Bleaching Earth in India.

It is the only company authorized to produce Activated Bleaching Earth under the brand name “Galleon” outside of Japan.

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Ashapura International Ltd.

Bentonite Suppliers

The largest supplier of Foundry Grade Bentonite. The company supplies to all major reputed foundries in India.

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Ashapura Claytech Ltd.

Bentonite Producer

This company supplies Bentonite and Attapulgite granules, which serve as highly efficient and economic pesticides, cat litter, and floor absorbents.

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Cat Litter

Markets the cat litter brand ‘PURA’ which is gaining popularity in the International market as a 100% natural and no waste cat litter.

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Ashapura Foundation

Medical Health Care

The Ashapura Foundation has been established to carry out social, cultural, rural development, medical and educational work in small villages in Kutch. This includes making provisions for permanent drinking water, schools for students, social forestry, enhancing skills of villagers, health care, and mother and child care.

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